The Modular Wetland System Linear is perfect for green design and sustainable projects, and was recently featured in award-winning development projects like Nobu Malibu and UC San Diego. The Modular Wetland System Linear is the only stormwater system to utilize Horizontal Flow Biofiltration, as it replicates natural processes to remove a variety of pollutants from stormwater runoff including fine TSS, bacteria, oils and grease, heavy metals and harmful nutrients like nitrate and phosphorus. While most systems utilize a single treatment method, the Modular Wetland System Linear incorporates screening, hydrodynamic separation, our BioMediaGREEN sorptive media filtration, and bio retention into a single system. Completely modular, the Modular Wetland System Linear can either replace standard storm water inlets or function perfectly in an online or off-line design to replace downward flow systems.


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