The Modular Wetland System - Linear is designed for easy installation. The unit is made of a precast concrete structure. The internal components are pre-assembled prior to delivery to the installation site. The system will be delivered on a flat bed truck. The installer or contractor will need to provide a crane capable of off-loading the unit and placing it into the ground. Details of the installation are provided in the following downloads. For pipe invert elevations and excavation depth please refer to the information provided on the plans.

Step 1 - Excavation

Prior to delivery the appropriate hole dimensions should be excavated, and the bottom 6 inches backfilled and leveled using the appropriate and recommended material.

Step 2 - Off-Load & Placement

The crane should be ready for off-load when the system arrives on a flat bed truck. Off-load system and place directly into the hole. Check to ensure elevations and leveling are correct.

Step 3 - Install Media, Connect & Backfill

Once the unit is properly positioned connect inflow and outflow piping. Backfill around unit and install wetland media.


Complete Installation Guide

Weights & Lifting

Installation Cut Sheets

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